Jiewen Wang

Green Land

Green Land is an interactive VR experience focusing on segregation and reunion.

The viewer is born into one side of the polarized world manifested by desolate yellow desert and somber blue forest. Transforming into a stream of shiny sprites, the viewer has the potential to destroy giant guardians and barrier walls that seperates the territories. She might wonder what there will be on the other side of the land, until she crosses the border and find yellow and blue lands merging into green.

The experience features emergent narrative that gives viewers the freedom to explore a scenic virtual world. An AI-controlled companion is delibrately designed to respond to player behaviours. The AI companion has 3 action modes: unconcerning, following and escaping, which mimic the way humans act in front of an unfamiliar, segregated environment. The viewer's tension is further strengthened by experiencing resistance force and adversive storms when moving deeper into the virtual world. Curiosity and perplexity will arise as the programmed narrative goes on. The tension will finally be resolved through the collaboration of viewer and AI companion that reunion the segregated land.

This work won Bronze Award in VR Innovation and Creativity Contest of Beijing. Media Coverage (In Chinese): http://oldnews.pku.edu.cn/xwzh/2019-01/09/content_306108.htm


Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality