Jiewen Wang

There Will Be No Game

This short game made in fall 2018 is a satirical response to China’s ban on publishing video games. For a long time, video games, especially commercial games that earn revenue, must obtain governmental approval in order to publish. In March 2018, State Administration of Radio and Television, which managed the licensing of games, stopped approving any new licenses due to organizational restructuring. It is also conjectured that the approval freeze was due to a claim made by the Chinese Ministry of Education, that video games, especially games on small-screen mobile devices, are worsening children’s myopia, or it could be regulators’ increasing concerns about gambling and violence in games. Anyway, no exact explanation was given and the freeze lasted for more than 9 months. During this, a large number of game studios run out of money and shut down. It was the toughest time for game developers in China.

In this game, player is encouraged (or rather forced) to learn implicit interaction rules. “Enemies” are throwing hearts, airplanes are launching stars, and player can jump around to avoid or catch items. At last the game will evolve into a dead end, with nowhere to jump around and no meaningful gameplay. Player can quit the game then (and have a rest of eyes to prevent myopia hopefully).

Characters in the game are taken from some Chinese games including Xuan-Yuan Sword 3(2000), Rainblood(2008) and Icey(2016) as a tribute. The minimalistic style of the game is inspired by Jason Rohrer and James Earl Cox III


China has quietly stopped approving new games for release (On August 15, 2018)

China Implements New Regulations Banning Blood and The Word ‘Kill’ In Video Games (On May 17th, 2019)




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