Jiewen Wang

Through The Cracks

Through The Cracks is an interactive story depicting a person that has fallen behind financially, going through each day of a critical week in their lives that could make or break their finances. The game is loosely based on a real story of a low-income single parent household falling into homelessness caused by a series of unfortunate events.

Our goal of creating this game is to address the problem of working poverty and poverty caused by expensive healthcare. Given the flawed social structure of high rent, unstable contract job and insufficient medical insurance, it is now well known that many people are just one medical emergency or one bad financial decision away from slipping through the cracks.

The game is created in collaboration with Josiah Mangiameli and Rohit Puntambekar as a course project from class LMC 6310 Computer as Expressive Medium at Georgia Institute of Technology.


The New American Homeless

Millions of Americans are one pay check away from the street


#SeriousGame #InteractiveStory


Narrative Design, Graphic Design, Twine.js Programming


  • One screenshot. No spoiler

  • Some keywords that appeared in main character's dream

  • Storyboard created in Twine.js featuring non-linear story and four endings