Jiewen Wang

Triangulation - Electric Triangle

Triangulation is an electric triangle enabling novel ways of interacting with a percussion instrument. Powered with custom hardware and digital audio workstation, it creates a synergy between traditional instrument and digital music. We explore the environment where both physical and digital sound can be collaboratively manipulated.

Digital technologies including Arduino, Processing and Ableton Live are used to augment the triangle instrument. Without replacing the physicality with pure digital interface, we retain the natural and tangible way of interacting with a musical instrument. By hitting, contacting, and sliding the triangle with wired metal rod, Triangulation generates a variety of sound effects of electric string instrument and pad instrument. The digital sound that comes out of computer plays in harmony with the physical percussion sound that is produced by triangle itself. Furthermore, an interactive animation featuring rapid and colorful motion graphics responds to sensor inputs in real time. The interplay between physical sound and digital sound, body performance and computer-generated graphics is able to arouse multi-sensory interactions.

This work is still in progress. The next step is to refine the metal rod controller and work with musicians to iterate on the sound design.

I'd like to thank Junshu "Ted" Liu for making the demo video below.


#AugmentedPhysicality #TangibleComputing